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Young Investigators Day 2012

The Young Investigators Day provides a platform for young students to present their work and the work of their groups in a stimulating environment.
Its main aim is to connect young researchers in the broad field of computational life sciences and give them a chance to think outside of the box.


April 19, 2012 11.00-16.00 including lunch


Althanstrasse 14, 1090 Vienna, UZAII Seminarroom 2D404


Free of charge, but please register here to submit your talk and to help us planning.


11:00 Young Investigators Day Welcome
11:05 – 12:20 Sick, old, and the environment
11:05 Kumaran Kandasamy
Systems-Level Approaches to Study Host-Virus Interactions
11:20 Daniela Digles
UniVie, Med./Pharm. Chem.
In silico screening for insulin mimetic compounds using self-organizing maps
11:35 Thomas Weinmaier
UniVie, Comp.Sys.Bio.
Genotypic characteristics and tissue tropism in clinical isolates of Chlamydia pneumoniae
11:50 Anton Thomma
UniVie, Comp.Sys.Bio.
Ötzi: An ancient metagenome - analysis and results
12:05 Sebastian Matuszewski
UniVie, Inst. Math.
The genetics of adaptation in changing environments
12:20 Lunch break
13:00 - 14:15 Omics and the like
13:00 Huy Dinh
Reading and summarizing the genome-wide profiling signals
13:15 Niko Popitsch
A novel compression approach for mapped HTS data sets
13:30 Marcus Wieder
UniVie, Comp.Sys.Bio.
COGs in Archaea
13:45 Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen, UniVie, TBI Fusion Power
14:00 Hannes Peter
UniVie, Limnology
Networks of co-occurring microbes in aquatic habitats
14:15 Coffee break
14:45 - 15:50 Mod(e|u)ling
14:45 Sven Findeiß
UniVie, TBI
Rational transcription regulator design
15:00 Anita de Ruiter
Free Energy Calculations of Protein-Ligand Interactions
15:15 Florian Breitwieser
Statistical Modeling of Posttranslational Protein Regulation Dynamics
15:30 Alexey Stukalov
Bayesian Inference of Protein Complex Modules from Affinity Purification Mass Spectrometry Data
15:45 Dmitrij Turaev
UniVie, Comp.Sys.Bio.
Regional Student Group of the ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) - Startup Kit
15:50 – 16:00 Concluding Discussion
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